CHICAGO, Illinois—VendScore is excited to announce that they have been invited to exhibit at Collision Conference 2017, in New Orleans on May 2-4, 2017. VendScore will be showcasing their beta site, which aims to make marketing relationships better.

Digital marketing is growing at an average of 12% year over year, which is an incredible pace. Marketers and companies are having a challenging time keeping up with the growth and disruption from the changing digital landscape. As the world of tech and marketing merge, there are more technical needs and untraditional marketing partners like consultancies and platforms in the marketing mix. Although there is a higher need for marketers to rely on third party vendors, marketers can’t rely on agencies alone anymore.

Only 8% of CMO’s are happy with their marketing partners, and as a result they have put around half of their business up for competitive bidding. Marketers are relying less and less on an agency of record relationship and are moving more and more to a project by project way of working as their needs evolve. Finding and managing reliable marketing vendors has become a pain point and a necessity.

VendScore is changing the ways companies find and manage marketing vendors.

How it works: VendScore provides an easy search tool that lets users find, and compare a variety of crowd sourced vendors with specific expertise, in a matter of seconds.

Why it works: Peer reviews and referrals drive business decisions- period. A recent eMarketer survey found that 95% of B2B decision makers trust their peers and colleagues when researching purchasing decisions—yet there is no current tool that aggregates peer reviews around business partners. You can find reviews on local businesses, very specific niche markets- but there are no easy tools that cover the breadth of new needs for marketers.

This is the second year in a row that VendScore has exhibited at Collision. VendScore debuted at Collision 2016. Since last year, VendScore has completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, exhibited at TechWeek Chicago and completed several rounds of user testing to improve their product. VendScore is currently seeking beta users and investment opportunities. If interested, please email